Our Services

Helping with the CookingAt Senior League In Home Care we value diversity and individuality. Senior League supports a wide range of clients from many different perspectives.  Some of our clients speak a language other than English, some are recovering from illness, some have recently retired, some need just two hours of support per week, while others benefit from more!

As an individual you are able to tailor a package to meet your needs. 

You may request anything from 2 hours of care to 24 hours care, 7 days per week.

Not sure of possible options? Here are some ways Senior League In Home Care can help you. 

Household Care & Support

Household care & support includes activities in the home which are required to maintain your home and your comfort.

Washing, tidying, bed making, gardening, dusting, vacuuming, other household cleaning, rearranging and moving furniture, packing and spring cleaning.

Personal Care

Senior League Assistants understand personal care by its nature requires sensitive, well trained and respectful support workers to leave you feeling confident and in good spirits to take on the day.

Personal care services include supervision or assistance with: bathing, grooming, shaving, dressing, meal time, toileting, medication, exercise or mobility.

Meal Preparation and Planning

A Senior League Assistant is able to assist in any aspect of meal preparation from recipe ideas, purchasing ingredients, preparation prior to cooking, to cooking the meal and serving. 


Senior League In Home Care is able to provide you or your loved one with a companion to make social visits to the home. Alternatively, a Senior League Assistant may aid in organising and attending a social occasion.

Transport & Errands 

Need a helping hand to complete errands, grocery shopping or other activities outside the home? A Senior League Assistant is able to help by transporting you to and from appointments or staying with you to help complete errands.


Something else? Tell us what you need!


The cost of service is quoted on your individual needs. Full fee services begin at $35/ hour (+GST). Please contact us for further information

Please Note: We do not currently provide medical services.